• Phil- Guitar, Vox

  • Infulenced by- Morbid Angel, Incantation, Old Carcass, Autopsy, Disgorge(mex), Impetigo, Deeds of Flesh, Deicide

  • Hates- Fags, Hardcore, Feaked out Christ Lovers, 85% of the NYC Mosh Death Metal, overly Straight Edge people, Hippie Fags, All the girls from my town(you whores need to DIE!)

  • Thanks- Jay Beckwith for being a brutal shithead and showing me the brutality, Andy and your sick movies, Mike B and CFE, Colin, Alex H., Drew for letting me join Colo Bag, Class Action, Porno, Gore, Sevan you hippie!!!!, Mike "fuck my" Oriface, ...if it aint metal it aint shit!!! FUCK OFF!!