An Anxious Child ready to leave the Mother's Womb
Presses out and tries to free itself
Tears the Lining Inside it Nourturer and Stretches her Skin
Slowly Slugs its way out back though her System
Mother Convulses as Baby tears her Intestines
Child knawing on her Innards
Bodily Juices Bathin the Child as it Smiles in Glee
A wrong twist results in pain
Umbilical Cord nooses around the Baby's Neck
Anoxiating; Suffocating; Destroying Life
With one last Spurt of Energy, the Child tries to free
Pierrces through the Mother's Flesh
Peers its azure face through, and looks into its defaced Mother's eyes
With the last Breath of Life it Grins
And the is hung, Lovingly