Rotting Flesh, Putrid Stench, Vomit Covered Whore
Disemboweled, Pussing Face, that by a Knife's been Gored
Premature Deliverence, a Child yet Still Unborn
Is Torn and Probed from the Mother's Womb, and Stolen for your Own
Swarming Bugs Inhabit this Child, a Foetus that is True
Soon to be Gutted and Filleted, and be put in a Nice Stew
Maggots, Flys, Grubs and Shit; now Live in this Defiled Creation
Laying Eggs, Eating Flesh, Preforming Excoriation
Pale, Cold, Translucent Skin, Innards being Exposed
Maggots Infested Foetus torn from your Mother's Asshole!